sabato 15 dicembre 2018

New Issue, Caspian & Caucasian
14th DECEMBER 2018, ARMENIA - Flora & Fauna of the Ancient World
Extra Issue, South America
17th DECEMBER 2018, BRAZIL - Cânions do Brasil
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venerdì 14 dicembre 2018

New Issue, Oversea Territories French
14th DECEMBER 2018, FRENCH POLYNESIA - Marae Taputapuatea
Extra Issue, North America
14th DECEMBER 2018, MEXICO - Navidad Mexicana 2018

giovedì 13 dicembre 2018

New Issue, Transcaspian
1st NOVEMBER 2018, TAJIKISTAN - Water fro Sustainable Development
New Issue, Transcaspian
6th AUGUST 2018, TAJIKISTAN - Water for Sustainable Development (blue overprinted from 2000)

New Issue, Transcaspian
18th MARCH 2018, TAJIKISTAN - Mushrooms (blue overprinted from 1999)
Extra Issue, Asia
6th DECEMBER 2018, HONG KONG - Characters from the Novels of Jin Yong
Extra Issue, Asia
9th OCTOBER 2018, HONG KONG - Cantonese Opera Classics
Extra Issue, Asia
17th SEPTEMBER 2018, HONG KONG - Completiion of first part of Hong Kong-Shenzen Rail Link

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018

New Issue, Europe South
31st OCTOBER 2018, SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA - Nature & Art, Paul de Vos, Concert of Birds

Extra Issue, Asia
20th NOVEMBER 2018, PHILIPPINES - Centennial Foundation Anniversary Municipality of Estancia, Iloilo