Caspian & Caucasian

Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), South Ossetia
!!! 2013-2018 COMPLETE !!!

15th MARCH 2013, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Europa 2012, visit Artsakh (with Golden Eagle, Aquila chrysaetos)

18th APRIL 2013, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Flora & Fauna of Artsakh

20th APRIL 2013, GEORGIA - Europa 2012, visit Georgia

16th JULY 2013, AZERBAIJAN - The Defenitive Issue, Birds; 0,1: Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (Merops persicus); 0,2: European Roller (Coracias garrulus); 0,3: Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis); 0,5: Hoopoe (Upupa epops); 0,6: Jay (Garrulus glandarius)

15th AUGUST 2013, ARMENIA - Europa 2013, The Postman Van

24th OCTOBER 2013, ARMENIA - 20th Anniversary of Establishing Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Belarus (Belarus Joint Issue)

25th OCTOBER 2013, ARMENIA - 100th Anniversary of the First Secretary of the Armenian Communist Party, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, Anton Kochinyan

8th NOVEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - 775th Anniversary of the Church of St. Hovhannes, Gandzasar Monastery

11th NOVEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - Gyumri as the cultural capital of the CIS in 2013

18th NOVEMBER 2013, AZERBAIJAN - Fauna of the Hirkan National Park; Mammals: 0,2: Sika Deer (Cervus nippon); 0,3: Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus); 0,5: Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx); 0,6: Beech Marten (Martes foina). Birds: 0,2: Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocops major); 0,3: Black Stork (Ciconia nigra); 0,5: Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus); 0,6: Marble Duck (Marmaronetta angustirostris)

19th NOVEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - Ancient Capitals of Armenia

25th NOVEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - Mushrooms; 230: Shaggy Parasol (Chlorophyllus rhacodes); 330: Penny Bun (Boletus edulis)

2nd DECEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia

28th DECEMBER 2013, ARMENIA - Wine Production in Armenia

28th DECEMBER 2013, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Fauna & Flora of Artsakh: Preservation of Wildlife


7th MARCH 2014, AZERBAIJAN - 90th Anniversary of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (thanks to Tərxan Dayı)

14th APRIL 2014, NAGORNO KARABAKH - 'We are our Mountains' by Sargis Baghdasaryan, 1967

12th MAY 2014, AZERBAIJAN - Idea One, International Dialog for Enviromental Action

25th JULY 2014, AZERBAIJAN - Roses

29th JULY 2014, ARMENIA - Armenian Genocide (3v+2vSS)

27th AUGUST 2014, AZERBAIJAN- Butterflies

5th SEPTEMBER 2014, ARMENIA - Literature, 100th Anniversary of Hamo Sahian

20th SEPTEMBER 2014, AZERBAIJAN - 20th Anniversary of the Signing of the Contract of the Century

23rd SEPTEMBER 2014, ARMENIA - Flora and Fauna of Armenia

19th NOVEMBER 2014, AZERBAIJAN - Baku 2015 European Games

22nd DECEMBER 2014, GEORGIA - Love

22nd DECEMBER 2014, GEORGIA - Birds, Swallow

22nd DECEMBER 2014, GEORGIA - Four Seasons

22nd DECEMBER 2014, GEORGIA - Georgia Post

30th DECEMBER 2014, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Shushi, Artsakh (Armenia Joint Issue)

30th DECEMBER 2014, ARMENIA - Shushi, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Joint Issue)

13th JANUARY 2015, AZERBAIJAN - 2015 Year of the Goat

29th JANUARY 2015, ARMENIA - Armenian Genocide Centennial

3rd MARCH 2015, ARMENIA - 150th Anniversary of Panos Terlemezian, Painter

8th APRIL 2015, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Flora & Fauna of Artsakh, Preservation of Wildlife

20th MAY 2015, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Centennial of the Armenian Genocide

24th JULY 2015, GEORGIA - Great Georgian Poets

25th AUGUST 2015, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Newly-built Churches of Artsakh

8th OCTOBER 2015, AZERBAIJAN - 70th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan National Adcademy of Sciences

16th NOVEMBER 2015, AZERBAIJAN - Architectural Monuments

24th DECEMBER 2015, ARMENIA - 9th Definitive Issue, 'Forget-me-not' a Symbol of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

28th DECEMBER 2015, ARMENIA - Flora & Fauna, Armenian Whitebeam (Sorbus hajastana) & Caucasian Lynx (Lynx lynx dinniki)

30th DECEMBER 2015, ARMENIA - Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Members of Operation "Nemesis"

5th JANUARY 2015, AZERBAIJAN - Year of the Monkey

25th JANUARY 2015, AZERBAIJAN - Europa 2016, Think Green

20th APRIL 2016, ARMENIA - PostEurop Plenary Assembly, 19th-21st April, Yerevan

11th MAY 2016, AZERBAIJAN - Rare Birds, Eagles (Belarus joint issue)

20th MAY 2016, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Europa 2016, Think Green

20th MAY 2016, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Preservation of the Wildlife, Flora & Fauna of Artsakh

30th MAY 2016, ARMENIA - XXXI Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016

24th JUNE 2016, ARMENIA - Pope Francis: Visit to the first Christian Nation

1st SEPTEMBER 2016, AZERBAIJAN - Chess Olympiad in Baku

9th SEPTEMBER 2016, AZERBAIJAN - WWF, Manul (Otocolobus manul)

3rd NOVEMBER 2016, GEORGIA - Fauna

3rd NOVEMBER 2016, GEORGIA - Europa 2016, Think Green

13th NOVEMBER 2016, ARMENIA - Religion. 350th anniversary of the First Bible in Armenian printed by Voskan Yerevantsi

15th NOVEMBER 2016, NAGORNO KARABAKH - The Karabakh Horse

28th NOVEMBER 2016, ARMENIA - National Cuisine

1st DECEMBER 2016, ARMENIA - Europa 2016, Think Green

15th DECEMBER 2016, GEORGIA - Mountain Resorts of Georgia

15th DECEMBER 2016, GEORGIA - Caucasian Bladdernut (Staphylea colchica)

26th DECEMBER 2016, ARMENIA - Armenian Fauna in Children's Drawings

29th DECEMBER 2016, ARMENIA - Flora & Fauna of Armenia; Birds: Falco tinnunculus & Neophron percnopterus; Flowers: Tulipa sylvestris & Orchis tridentata

14th APRIL 2017, AZERBAIJAN - Novruz Holiday

14th APRIL 2017, AZERBAIJAN - 25th Anniversary of the Khojaly Tragedy

14th APRIL 2017, AZERBAIJAN - 2017 Year of the Rooster

21st APRIL 2017, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Orchid (Ophrys caucasica)

21st APRIL 2017, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Preservation of Wildlife

15th JUNE 2017, ARMENIA - 25th anniversary of the Issue of the First Postage State Mark of the Republic of Armenia

17th JULY 2017, NAGORNO KARABAKH - Ivan Aivazovsky, 1817-1900

20th JULY 2017, ARMENIA - Prominent Armenians. 125th Anniversary of Gabriel Gyurjian

2nd AUGUST 2017, AZERBAIJAN - Definitives 2017

22nd AUGUST 2017, AZERBAIJAN - 25th Anniversary of Azermarka

7th NOVEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - World Famous Armenians, 200th Anniversary of Hovhannes Aivazovsky

4th DECEMBER 2017, AZERBAIJAN - International Year for Sustainable Tourism

6th DECEMBER 2017, AZERBAIJAN - The Nature of Azerbaijan I, Landscapes

6th DECEMBER 2017, AZERBAIJAN - The Nature of Azerbaijan II, Flowers & Trees

6th DECEMBER 2017, AZERBAIJAN - The Nature of Azerbaijan III, Fauna

6th DECEMBER 2017, AZERBAIJAN - Space Views

18th DECEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - National Crafts, Ceramics of Kutahya

28th DECEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - Yuri Oganessian

28th DECEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - Flora and Fauna of the Ancient World

29th DECEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - Archeological Finds, Dragon-stones

29th DECEMBER 2017, ARMENIA - Flora & Fauna of Armenia

JANUARY 2018, AZERBAIJAN - Nowruz, Persian New Year 2018

16th FEBRUARY 2018, REPUBLIC OF ARTSAKH (ex NAGORNO KARBAKH) - PyeongChang 2018 XXIII Olympic Winter Games

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